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Structural Equation Modeling

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Alternative Methods for Assessing Mediation in Multilevel Data: The Advantages of Multilevel SEM

A Bayesian Approach for Analyzing Longitudinal Structural Equation Models

Accuracy of Estimates and Statistical Power for Testing Meditation in Latent Growth Curve Modeling

Testing Measurement Invariance: A Comparison of Multiple-Group Categorical CFA and IRT

Estimation of MIMIC Model Parameters with Multilevel Data

What to Do About Zero Frequency Cells When Estimating Polychoric Correlations

Estimating Latent Variable Interactions with the Unconstrained Approach: A Comparison of Methods to Form Product Indicators for Large, Unequal Numbers of Items

Mediation Analysis in a Latent Growth Curve Modeling Framework

Classical Item Analysis Using Latent Variable Modeling: A Note on a Direct Evaluation Procedure

Longitudinal Models in the Behavioral and Related Sciences. K. van Montfort, J. Oud, & A. Satorra (Eds.)

Formative Constructs Implemented via Common Factors

Estimating and Testing Mediation Effects with Censored Data

Multiple Imputation Strategies for Multiple Group Structural Equation Models

Model Comparison of Bayesian Semiparametric and Parametric Structural Equation Models

Intraclass Correlation Coefficients in Hierarchical Designs: Evaluation Using Latent Variable Modeling

A Structural Equation Model at the Individual and Group Level for Assessing Faking-Related Change

Addressing the Problem of Switched Class Labels in Latent Variable Mixture Model Simulation Studies

Conducting Confirmatory Latent Class Analysis Using M plus

Counterfactuals and Causal Inference: Methods and Principles for Social Research By Stephen L. Morgan & Christopher Winship

Modeling Relations among Discrete Developmental Processes: A General Approach to Associative Latent Transition Analysis

The Impact of Ignoring a Level of Nesting Structure in Multilevel Growth Mixture Models: A Monte Carlo Study

Using Fixed Thresholds with Grouped Data in Structural Equation Modeling

Latent Class Detection and Class Assignment: A Comparison of the MAXEIG Taxometric Procedure and Factor Mixture Modeling Approaches

Evaluation of Reliability Coefficients for Two-Level Models via Latent Variable Analysis

Much More Than Model Fitting? Evidence for the Heritability of Method Effect Associated With Positively Worded Items of the Life Orientation Test Revised

Structural Equations and Causal Explanations: Some Challenges for Causal SEM

Multiple-Group Analysis Using the sem Package in the R System

The Specification of Causal Models with Tetrad IV: A Review



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