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Online kurs i målemetodikk, evaluering, statistikk og bedømning

Av Ronny Klæboe Dato: 4.9.2009

The University of Illinois at Chicago is offering two online programs in research methodology. The first program is an eight course MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment (MESA). See for details. The second is an Educational Research Methodology (ERM) Certificate, which consists of a minimum of any three courses offered in the MESA online curriculum. Visit for more information. Those interested in taking a course without entering a program can enroll as an Extramural Student.

The current courses are Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry in Education, Advanced Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression, Multivariate Analysis of Educational Data, Educational Measurement, Rating Scale and Questionnaire Design and Analysis, Educational Program Evaluation, Assessment for Measurement Professionals, and Research Design in Education. We also anticipate adding courses in Hierarchical Linear Modeling and Classroom Assessment. See for course descriptions and for when courses are offered.

Students enrolled in these online courses come from a variety of backgrounds:

1) those already holding a PhD or EdD in a non-MESA field wanting to increase their research skills,

2) those who eventually wish to pursue doctoral studies in a MESA area,

3) current PhD and EdD students in a non-MESA field wanting to increase their research skills and career opportunities,

4) those who want to acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed for entry-level positions in academic institutions, state and federal agencies, school districts, and the testing and evaluation industry (e.g., licensure and certification boards, private and not-for-profit testing organizations), and

5) students enrolled in other graduate programs needing coursework they can transfer into their current degree program.

We would appreciate if you would pass along this information to U.S. and international students, co-workers, and any other colleagues that may find these online programs and courses useful. 

If you have any questions please contact Everett Smith at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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